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Welcome to the Creative Channelers Community

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About Creative Channelers

Creative Channelers has been birthed as a result of the channeling talent and creativity shown by individuals who have passed through the doorway of my channeling classes and private study over the years. It has been an incredible blessing to witness them in all of their channel essences. I remain in awe of of their talents and abilities. 


This is a forum for these individuals to share with others the bliss, the joy, the love that is being in channel stream. As well as to allow you a way to contact them.  All of them hold private channeling sessions. Perhaps their work will align with you  and you may wish to reach out to schedule your own channel with them.  


Channeling is a quite natural altered state that everyone is able to access. Often people are in the stream of channeling without even realizing that they were there. The passionate state of channeling is exemplified in many forms such as inspired writing, speaking, singing, creating artistically as well with all forms of movement.  


On this website you will find a variety of talented channelers who express these divine connections in a variety of ways. Take the time to breathe in the essence of the channeling. Relax, enjoy, be inspired and in your divine.


Julie Ann Gadziala


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Creative Channelers

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Meet the Founder

Julie Ann Gadziala

Julie Ann is a gifted conscious channel, intuitive, teacher and spiritual guide. She has taught channeling over the years in Zoom as well as In-Person at New Hampshire Metaphysical & Circles of Wisdom.  She holds Zoom Channeling Classes as well as Free Channeling events. Many students study channeling privately with her as well. 


Her joy is in seeing others move forward in their spiritual abilities via ever deeper connections with the universal divinity. Often class members speak of a sense an awakening or re-awakening as a result of connections, vibrations and tonalities vibrant in her channeling classes.  

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