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Meet the Channelers

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Alisa Ozernoy

Please tell us a bit about you.

Hello, Creative Channelers Community!  How wonderful that we can come together like this.  My name is Alisa and I enjoy supporting others through facilitating spiritual development groups and private sessions.  I also serve at my local Spiritualist Church as a Medium and a Healer.  Channeling is a daily practice for me.   Having traveled a full circle from a grieving skeptic to serving Spirit, I am always amazed and humbled by the love and wisdom available to us from the Spirit world.

Growing up under Communism, I never imagined the magnificent metaphysical world that was waiting to be discovered.  My love for nature, elementals, animals, and spiritual places was a starting point on this journey of awakening, but it was my desire to heal myself and help others that led me deeper onto this path.  I enjoy being a Mom, both to children and fur babies, and during my alone free time you are most likely to find me reading a book, walking in nature, meditating, or playing violin.

Why do you channel?

Channeling is so joyful and uplifting! Channeling has become a daily practice for me, a way to learn and stay “plugged in” to the Source.  In the past few years, Channeling has also become a way I can develop a deeper relationship with the Spirit Team, and through their guidance help people who come to my groups and clients.  I know I am just the messenger, and there is a team in Spirit working with me, and my job is to listen and trust.  

Tell us a bit about your channeling.

Channeling for me mostly been through spoken and written word, both poetic and narrative.  I have enjoyed composing music, too, and playing piano and violin.  And lately, I have been doodling with Spirit.   A couple of years ago, I started to channel meditations for people who come to my groups. As far as who I connect to believe as souls, we have the ability to connect to any stream of consciousness, whether it is wisdom of a deceased loved one, a wise old tree, or of an Ascended Master.

What helped you learn to channel?

Taking classes and meeting other supportive people who channel was key. I also go out in nature and ask trees, birds, and elementals for their wisdom.  Spirit world has played a big part too. When I started channeling meditations during groups, I was initially resistant to it.  But what are you going to do when both the CD player and the cel phone refuse to cooperate and you have a room full of people ready to meditate? It is because of Spirit working overtime and these wonderfully kind and patient people that I overcame my fear of channeling. 

What advice do you have for people new to channeling?

Be joyful, be loving, be open and just allow the magic to flow through you.   Set your intent, call your Spirit Team, and feel their love. Much of this experience is about getting out of your left brain and trusting what you receive.   Get to know yourself as a soul, keep your energy centers clear, and learn to recognize how you receive information. Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to other people, you are unique! We are all part of the creative Source energy!

How can you be contacted?

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