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Become Part of Our Channeling Community

Our community is comprised of individuals who have passed through the doorway of Julie Ann's channeling classes and private study over the years. To become a member of this community we invite you to take classes or hold sessions with Julie Ann to go further in your own channeling development.

Why study and practice channeling?

  • At whatever level you are now, a comfort level and expertise with channeling can assist you to connect more effectively with your Higher Self, Guides, The Ascended Masters, Archangels and Evolved Beings.


  • For individuals interested in and/or practicing Mediumship, know that Channeling is a fabulous practice to bring you deeper into your Mediumship connections.

  • Ongoing study and practice can assist you to become a better channel and/or to lead you deeper within a Healing modality you are practicing.


  • Learn to add dimension to all creative endeavors via the fluency and comfort level with channeling. This may include: writing, music and art.

*You can find a calendar of Julie Ann’s channeling classes, workshops, events, session time and development packages on her personal website: JulieAnnGadziala.com 

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Channeling Classes & Workshops (Zoom)

Monthly Channeling Practice Classes "Channel it! Give it wings! Let your spiritual side soar!"

Channeling Basics: Begin To Connect

Date: Saturday March 6, 2021

Times: 1 pm – 4 pm (EST),

12 pm – 3 pm (CST), 11 am -2 pm (MST), 10 am – 1 pm (PST)

$99 Click Here To Register

" Gain your own insights and wisdoms from a variety of Sources. This is the perfect time for everyone to strengthen their connection to Source. Experience the “shock and awe” that is being in a place of inner wisdom and confidence with spiritual connection!

This workshop will give help and guidance to all those interested in connecting to altered states in the form of channeling. Learn the steps to put yourself into a solid place to make your connections. If you already connecting but wish to go deeper with more ease, this may be the place for you as well.

This workshop will show you how to channel and connect with your Higher Self, Guides, The Ascended Masters, Angels and evolved Beings. Written channeling will be discussed and practiced. Spoken channeling will be discussed. Be at peace with making the connections and pace that feel correct to you.

This workshop offers Live Channeling through me as well as connecting with other channeled connections that present during class. There will be channeled journey meditation, explanations, guidance and practice alone, in pairs and in the greater group. Everyone can feel comfortable to go at the correct pace for them.

Monthly on 1st Wednesdays.  7 pm - 8:30 pm.

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Channeled Connections, Meditations, Readings, and more...

Join Julie Ann Gadziala on Wednesday evenings this Fall and experience connection, wisdom, and the beautiful glow of tapping into your spiritual core. We will love what you have to share. You will love the inspired readings and information your receive within the group.


During these classes there will be Channeled Journey Meditations as well as the opportunity to give and receive channeled information for yourself as well perhaps as for the group. Exercises are undertaken in a positive and encouraging atmosphere where individuals develop at their own pace. Group sessions as well as break outs.

* You may wish to just listen during class.

* All are encouraged to give wings to the spiritual stream running through and through their core.

* Automatic writing is encouraged- whether it be tentative at first or a flowing river of thought.

* Perhaps your inner artist wishes to draw or sketch while sound vibrations stream.

* Expect to receive wisdom from some of your fellow classmates who enjoy channeling their guided information with the aid of cards or pendulum or other tools of divination.


Channel it! Give it wings! Let your spiritual side soar!


Participants ​can ​attend via computer, tablet, smartphone or dial-in via phone.

This series offers Live Channeling through Julie Ann at most classes.

Automatic Writing Fundamentals: Access written divine guidance of a personal, spiritual or prophetic nature


Date: Saturday April 10, 2021

Times: 1 pm – 4 pm (EST), 12 pm – 43pm (CST), 11 am -2 pm (MST),

10 am – 1 pm (PST)

$99 Click Here To Register

Develop the skills to fluidly and easily connect in channel stream via Automatic Writing. Be the conduit. Expand your intuition. Tap deeply into your spiritual flow. Learn to let your hand form messages that you are not consciously aware you have written.

Gain knowledge on tools, tips and techniques essential to automatic writing with ease. Learn to open up to the pathway to communicate with the other side, past lives, the angelic, future visions and a vast emporium of sacred knowledge. Ignite your pathway to access guidance and information.


Learn to receive and record divine insight.


Participate in chanting, guided meditation, sound vibration and exercises. Leave the workshop understanding the steps to put yourself into a solid place to ease into your automatic writing with confidence.