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Become Part of Our Channeling Community

Our community is comprised of individuals who have passed through the doorway of Julie Ann's channeling classes and private study over the years. To become a member of this community we invite you to contact Julie Ann as you go further in your own channeling development. You may wish to schedule private channeling development sessions with her. Sessions can be booked at JulieAnnGadziala.com

 In-Person Workshops & Zoom Practice  Classes

Automatic & Intuitive Writing Series (5 parts)  Zoom Webinar

* Excellent series for beginners to the practice of Automatic Writing as well as those who wish to deepen their existing Automatic Writing Practice.

Mondays: 10/3, 10/17, 11/7, 11/21, 12/5

6pm – 9 pm EST / 5 pm – 8 pm CST / 4pm – 7 pm PST, Next day 8 am AEST (Australia)

(15 hours of class time)

Automatic writing is at its core a meditative process where through quieting your active mind, you allow spirit and/or your own higher mind to channel insight, wisdom and awareness through your hand. In the process learning to channel information you would otherwise not know. This skill can be developed so that the flow of information comes through without the control of conscious self.

On this soul journey starting in October, you will start from a place of Intuitive Writing and LEARN THE PROCESS to allow in various other connections leading to Automatic Writing. This process is a relatively simple one to learn but does require practice and patience as it evolves. Part meditative + part trance state = the ability to allow information to flow with ease.

Automatic writing is best learned in a supportive environment with others. This series will focus on your steps, techniques and disciplines. Each class will have new information to assimilate. As you continue to practice outside of class, the classes will build one upon another so that you finish this training with a firm foundation and skill set in Automatic Writing. Although the practice of Automatic Writing is often thought of solely in the context of ‘spiritual development and insight’, that is not the case. You will leave this series understanding that Automatic Writing can assist you NOT ONLY in discovering spiritual wisdom such as soul purpose and spiritual path but also in day to day decision-making, wisdom and information in your personal and work life.The individual classes will encompass meditative practices, education and exercises as well as optional homework.

Classes will be held in a Zoom Video setting. Classes will be recorded and sent out within several days after class. If you miss a class you will have the recording to catch you up. This training is cumulative with each class building upon the prior class. You will need to have pen and paper on hand. Different colored pens can prove useful. A notebook or journal is recommended to keep your writing from each class together.

2 Pricing Choices

Standard Registration $333

Premier Registration $555


* Premier Registration includes 3 FREE PRIVATE CHANNELING COACHING SESSIONS (30 minutes each) with Julie Ann. Her regular price for these 3 Private Sessions is $333. So you save over $100 with this Premier Registration. Private Sessions may be booked for any time after October 3rd. No expiration date on these sessions. Links to schedule these Private Sessions will be sent out one week prior to start of first class. Private sessions are meant to be used for coaching around channeling development but you may add other questions that you would like to cover.

Cancellation Policy: Series Cancellation requests received by 9/26 will be refunded.

Conscious Channeling Practice Classes 
$25 per class

In Zoom-  2nd Thursdays 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

In Person- 4th Thursdays 7 pm - 9 pm EST
Circles of Wisdom, Methuen MA


Why study and practice channeling?

  • At whatever level you are now, a comfort level and expertise with channeling can assist you to connect more effectively with your Higher Self, Guides, The Ascended Masters, Archangels and Evolved Beings.


  • For individuals interested in and/or practicing Mediumship, know that Channeling is a fabulous practice to bring you deeper into your Mediumship connections.

  • Ongoing study and practice can assist you to become a better channel and/or to lead you deeper within a Healing modality you are practicing.


  • Learn to add dimension to all creative endeavors via the fluency and comfort level with channeling. This may include: writing, music and art.

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