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Meet the Channelers


Danielle Sullivan

Please tell us a bit about you.

My spiritual journey began at a young age. I just did not realize it then. I have always had a deep love, fascination and thirst for all things ancient Egyptian. It would not be for many years later, at a chaotic time in my life, that this deep passion would be my guiding light on my spiritual path.

I knew I needed a change. I began to look for a way to make sense of the way my life was unfolding. It was a time of transition, a cross roads per say, something had to change and I was determined to figure out what was the culprit for my unhappy vibe.

I began weekly shamanic journeying and the spiritual doors flew open in front of me. The Ancient Egyptians came through in these shamanic journey's with guidance and support. I was astonished and grateful. Their guidance and wisdom helped me make some needed changes in my life. Turns out I was the culprit for my own unhappiness. 

Why do you channel?


Tell us a bit about your channeling.

I continued to seek out spiritual classes and teachers. To my surprise, my written channel emerged during a class. Since that time, my written channel continues to offer guidance that is sometimes in the form of stanzas, poems or drawings.

The channeling energy to me feels like talking to a wise but outspoken grandmother. You know she loves you but will be there to loudly tell you how you screwed up. This honest and loving consult has given me the opportunity to help others and myself, align with their life purpose, current situation or other matters. 

What helped you learn to channel?

I began taking a more spiritual approach to my life as a whole; eating better, sleeping better, less caffeine, watching what I watch on TV or listen to on the radio. I became aware that everything has energy, ...... I started watching what energy I chose to allow into my energy. I meditated regularly and drank more water. Parts of my life not meant for me, began to fall away. 

What advice do you have for people new to channeling?

I have learned that spirit helps move situations, places, people, jobs  to align you with your highest path. Learning to hear the call of spirit and hear the words can sometimes be difficult.  The channel sometimes offers a different view or other guidance that, many times, I was not aware of. The more I have been able to align myself with the channeled guidance I receive, my path becomes clear in front of me. Learning to trust yourself and the information you receive was a big part of my development. 

How can you be contacted?

For a personal written channel please contact me at:

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