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Meet the Channelers


Kara Gallagher

Please tell us a bit about you.

My short bio reads: Creator or words and magic. Healthy distrust of perfection and prefer mistake makers and risk takers. Spiritual renegade, always curious. The longer version: I grew up a practicing Christian and had a crisis of faith years ago that led me to using my natural born skills of intuition and channeling Spirit.  Because of my faith deconstruction, I have an eclectic set of beliefs and use Jesus, Buddha, Mother Earth, Angels and others to enhance my spiritual practice. Along with channeling, I also read oracle cards, Akashic records, and use Reiki to bless my words and readings. I am a wife, mother, sister, friend and always working on inclusivity and care deeply about the marginalized and underrepresented. A lot of my work with my clients is centered around helping them use their own intuition and skills to find their own answers. Along with my spirit based practice in channeling and intuitive readings, I am also a writer and am working on my first novel that will be loosely based on the life of one of my ancestors. Being able to tap into Spirit and use my skills in this endeavor has made it a rich and exciting project.

Why do you channel?

Channeling was one of the first skills I worked on when developing my third eye gifts and talents. The process came very natural to me and I was able to quickly connect with the Divine to deliver messages and readings for others. I often channel for myself as a weekly practice to connect with Spirit about my work.

Tell us a bit about your channeling.

I started my channeling practice with speaking, but quickly realized how much quicker I was able to deliver a message through the written word. The power of the written word has always been with me as a natural born writer, so it made sense to use my channeling and gifts of writing together. My clients appreciate a written document they can keep and refer to when they come to me with their life questions. I know I have a strong connection when my fingers can barely keep up with the message that I am receiving.

What helped you learn to channel?

I had to trust that I already had the skills and ability to open up. I had fears and doubts from my Christian background that embedded the idea that I needed permission or a middleman to access the Divine Spirit of God. Once I let go of that former belief, the process became easier and I was able to open up and trust that my own heart and mind were already wired to receive guidance and communication from Spirit in such a direct way.

What advice do you have for people new to channeling?

Trust yourself. When you let doubt and fear become more powerful than the love and power of the Divine that wants to connect with you, that is when you become blocked and cloudy. The ability to channel is not a mysterious, private skill only a few can do. The ability to channel is open to any and all who are willing to put in the time and practice to connect. Practicing as much as possible in all kinds of forms will help you connect and find your personal and preferred way to channel.

How can you be contacted?

Instagram: @karagallagherhealer

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