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Kind Words

"These classes have helped my gifts open rapidly"

“Julie Ann is a gifted channel and a loving teacher. Every session brings new tools and introduces us to new modalities and experiences that allow us to open more and more. Since attending the channeling classes with Julie Ann I have developed a strong gift of automatic writing. If anyone had told me 6 months ago that I had the ability to automatic write I would have laughed. These classes have helped my gifts open rapidly. I now channel Ascended Masters and others. I look forward to each class as Julie Ann has different type formats to help enhance our channeling ability at each class.”


- Channeling student: Michael

"Your technique for direct communication was most powerful for me"

“Wow! If anyone had ever told me that I could jump right into channel stream without needing to take the time for a 30 minute meditation (which I love but don't always have the time for), I never would have believed them. Your technique for direct connection was most powerful for me and I cannot thank you enough for the doorway that is now open for me. You have such a gift- Thank you for sharing it with so many of us"


- Channeling student: Robert

"Each class is entirely unique"

"I have loved being a part of Julie Ann's channeling class! Julie Ann is an amazing teacher. She is humble, kind and generous with her students in a truly refreshing way. She knows how to nudge you to try new things while making sure you feel supported. Each class is entirely unique with lots of channeled wisdom and meditations. I have grown in my confidence through this class and encourage anyone who is interested in learning  how to tune in to their own guidance system to try it!"


– Channeling Student: Heather 

"This class really allows you to open yourself up to deeper levels regardless of where you start"

Julie Ann's channeling class is really appropriate for anyone who wants to channel spirit. The way Julie Ann works with everyone at different levels is amazing. She's able to give guidance to people who channel regularly and to someone who has never done it before. The class really allows you to open yourself up to deeper levels regardless of where you start. The exercises that she provides allows you to access new avenues to connect with spirit. If you focus and allow yourself to be an open channel you will be surprised what you come up with. Learning to channel is an excellent way to further deepen your mediumship and spiritual development at any level. Highly recommended!!"


– Channeling student: Mari

"Tools enabling me to stretch further in my connections"

"Wow! What an eyeopener. For so long I have been doing things in exactly the same way. Feeling stuck was where I walked into your Class. Thank you for the tools that are now enabling me to stretch further in my connections. The confidence I need is starting to peek in"


– Channeling student: Kevin

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