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Meet the Channelers

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Linda Trust

Please tell us a bit about you.

Linda started her channeling experience 8 years ago at New Hampshire Metaphysical. She had always been interested in metaphysical topics and took a variety of classes at NH Metaphysical. It quickly became apparent that channeling was a strong interest for her. She receive messages from a variety of guides and either types or speaks the messages received. In addition to traditional messages of love and support, Linda channels Light Language from beings called the Ancient Ones. These messages are not meant to be understood by the human mind but are a loving attunement which interacts directly with our DNA.

Why do you channel?

Channeling is an amazing gift which allows me to connect with wise and loving spirit guides. These guides send loving, supportive guidance through the channeled messages. The messages often address current concerns I have in my life and give me guidance on those topics.  I feel such joy when channeling and am amazed when I review the messages to see the relevance of messages I receive. I truly feel blessed to be able to receive these messages from the higher realms.

Tell us a bit about your channeling.

I channel three different ways:  I receive messages from several guides which I type on my laptop as I hear the words in my mind, and I verbally channel another guide. I also channel light language. Light language is better known as “speaking in tongue”. I have been told that light language comes to me from the Ancient Ones, it is not a language known to humankind and it is not meant to be interpreted into a known language. It is a language of attunement and healing from the Ancient Ones which interacts directly to our DNA.

What helped you learn to channel?

Working with other students who were studying channeling was a vital part of my development. Being able to get feedback on what I was receiving helped me tremendously. Working with other students really help me develop my self-confidence and believe that the messages that were coming through were truly from another source and not my imagination.

What advice do you have for people new to channeling?

My first word of advice to others attempting to channel: RELAX!  I learned the hard way that it is very difficult to be open to messages if you are stressed and are trying too hard. Find a way to relax and enjoy yourself while you are learning to channel. Taking a class on channeling to a great way to start.  It is less frustrating when you are with others who are learning at the same time. I found a classroom setting and doing channeling for my classmates helped me relax, be open to, and to trust the messages I was receiving.

How can you be contacted?

If you wish to receive a channel from me or have any other questions, I can be reached at:

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