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Meet the Channelers


Paul Muryn

Please tell us a bit about you.

Hello, my name is Paul Muryn and I have been on a personal spiritual journey for many years.  As a child I was introduced to the psycic world by my mother who received messages. In 2000 I traveld to Sedona Arizona for a Vision Quest. During my meditations under the night sky of Sedona I gained insights that would lead me to connect with Spirit.  Soon after my trip I started performing Heaing Energy work.  I joined a Spiritulist Church where we held many classes on how to connect with Spirit.  Through these classes and mental exercises in meditation I started receiving messages, and then channeling.

Why do you channel?

I channel because I find the messages I receive comforting and informative.  My guides are ready to assist me anytime I want, even after long periods of not channeling.

Tell us a bit about your channeling.

I have two languages.  1. Light language, which is not in English, but after using it for several years I understand the messages that are given. This started after a class on Acturian contact with Gene Ang.  The main channel is from my guides Jason and Jared, and this started after an attunment with a woman from California.  I also write my messages longhand or type on the computer..

What helped you learn to channel?

I had an awesome "Vision Quest" in Sedona AZ April 2000, after that vist I opened up allot.  Then i was was in a class for the 12-12-12 activation, three days after the class my wife filed for divorce, which gave time to work on my own healing and communications.

What advice do you have for people new to channeling?

Relax, the main objective is to leave your ego behind and rest in the Spirt.  Do not question what messages you are given, simply repeat.  Then do something to give back to the Universe, a kind deed, a smile or laugh, listen to a friend who is in trouble.  Karma, what goes around comes around.

How can you be contacted?



FB Paul Muryn


My company is called GIFTS OF SPIRIT.  I hold energy healing sessions, spirit communication and channeling as well as guided meditations and auric record clearing. Just reach out and I can send more information to you as well as my flyer.

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