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A Call to Arms - Edward

June 11, 2022

It is said, now and then, that to grasp the meaning of life it is essential to be a part of it. Here lies the rub. As you know, during these times it is often seen those about you who declare themselves of it, and are unable to do anything to help themselves out. As this progresses we see more and more of these folks emerge. It is from here we see no good return as they are involved totally in that which gives no credence to the actual state of being. It is here you must delve to be of profitable measure, and not until you do will all be seen clearly.

We have this to say about that, as all will come down to knowing, for once and for all, the nature of the One Above and his conjunction upon mankind. It is said often enough that those things do not merit scrutiny. However, if these things are to be brought to bear in life, they need to be examined, point blank. It does no good to insist upon alternative sources of information as all radiates from within, and it is here you must venture to claim that which is inevitably yours to begin with.

It is apparent to us here and now, not many of you are substantially equipped to make the venture come alive for you. In as much as this would seem inappropriate at the outset, we would say it is not true by the longest sense of the imagination. To discover that within it is essential to dignify yourself with bequeathals of importance, not just any old thing. It is important to consider this as you move forward, investigating these things for yourself. Otherwise it does not matter much which way you choose to go, as all will tumble down after as a result of no grounding within. For it is seen that when one has no aptitude for the inner silence one has to go a grand route around all to circumvent the inevitable charge within. We see this happen often and not without regret, often said.

So it is up to you how you respond to what is being said as all know deep within a calling has been placed to wake you up. Without that many will go astray and into the dark oblivion comfort zone without ever knowing the sense of themselves is here and ready to be brought forward during these days ahead. We ask you point blank, do you care in what respect you are found in the days to come, or do you care not for the sense of Self being brought forth at this time?

It is heard now, loud and clear, the sounds made with the calling to arms. It is that the desire is met or withheld for future days of subtle adoration, for you cannot have it two ways. It is not possible. The choice is yours to make at this time. Let it be one that fosters growth and development to meet the needs of the soul structure during these days ahead. Without this, nothing much matters, however you look at it.

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