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A Speck Of God's Light by Alisa Ozernoy

I am a speck of God’s light As a human I live for a blink As a light I shine for eternity I am everything and nothing The alpha and the omega I am the void and the endless sky I am formless yet conscious I breathe as you breathe and I love as you love I hold you in my arms to remind you that You matter Your life is but a blink yet how you live your life is what matters Your actions create the matter upon which the Universe is built Kindness and love to all sentient beings is what connects you to the great Grid of the Universe That’s the key to your evolution as humanity Each speck of God’s light unites with other specks until there are as many of you as stars in the sky. And it hums with the universal song of love to remind you that You are a speck of God’s light As a human you live for a blink And as the Light you shine for eternity

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