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Asherah’s portrait by Anna Bemis

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Asherah as channeled via Julie Ann Gadziala

Angelic Realms speak upon this abyss of what seems to be slow drudgery of passings of place and time but yet is surmounted. Vast sites of light that have melted ages yours our blessed ones as you are brought together in this moment of as your world would call "today". Be in your joyfullness please. Move away from the Fear, the Dark, the Consciousness of "Lost" that is so pervasive at this time.

Awakenings have come of ease of late to you our beautiful doves and it has been necessary much to shake-to-the-core patterns-yours. This place of "alone" continues to suit you all well at what we would call impasse and triumph/tribulation of your healing dimension in this plane. Know that in these moments laid in front are you being stripped to your "core-mettle". It was always from hence that magnifications from the higher realism were brought to you in wave upon wave.

Humanity is measured in abilities to 'stand down' when required. Inner callings demand at times that transferences are to be done in solitude/solaces. The etheric- inferno-internal-yours which has laid-in-wait can give you the strengths and guidances in these soon to be called upon moments. Know that this your ancient way and wall of fortitudes lays in bees-state beneath your etheric.

The stripping of veneer which is done here now in as you would call inner-session-to-be had is most necessary for sharpening of translated/transmuted-steps-yours. The Council sends a blessing and a nod. It is yours to do as you have so asked for.

Wide audiences arrive as the seas-part as result part and parcel of all of your squawking to be soon had. Remember dear ones that the silver sun was lost naught for lack of efforts joint, but for lack of belief individual in abilities one-to-one. Affirmations are necessary-not and will lead to setbacks. Infuse and drink your crowning reign-in about to be had. In private chambers of your abode and your heart. With need-not of "glory-trains". Feel your vibration as it lowers and resultantly breaks out and then ascends.

We welcome this starlight drenched moment of your today. Take your silver jewel with you well in hand. On wings of flutter and no more we give final sanctitude for today in your realm to you beloved Doves and Kings.

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