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"Atlantis" by Paul Muryn

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Good evening Paul.

The picture of Atlantis, the beautiful Goddess Zera stands filled with water above the waist as Atlantis slowly dissolves into the ocean. The buildings fallen, the entire civilization of Atlantis is being destroyed. Atlantis was a beautiful continent; rich with knowledge, rich with engineering, mathematics, science.

But as with the current civilization on your planet, people could not manage the knowledge that held, they brought an end to their civilization. What was once a beautiful shining star of knowledge disintegrated into greed and disharmony, which brought down the destruction of the continent.

The inhabitants, the souls of those on the continent of Atlantis have renewed, have come back to your planet for another go around, and yet there is still destruction, there is still negativity, there is still denial, which must be overcome.

The souls that have come back from Atlantis know what measures to take and they are pulling forth an army to save Earth from destruction. We guide, we cannot interfere. We are in communication with the beautiful plane, we are in communication with the continent, the souls of the people from Atlantis.

Trust what you hear, deep in your heart, messages will be given to you, given to you to share. You and others will form a legion of warriors to overcome the negative, and destructive people on your planet. Do not burden yourself right now, learn as your group grows together, we will guide you.

Blessings to you,


Paul M.

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