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"Daffodils" by Linda Trust

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We are the harbingers of Spring, sending out a resounding cry that Spring is upon us, our arrival signals the rebirth and arrival of plants, animals and warmer days. We are firmly grounded in planet earth and can be found in gardens, fields and along busy highways. We stand straight and tall, radiating sunshine through all kinds of weather. We are proud to be daffodils and provide abundant offspring to brighten the world in our own way.

We are singing, can you hear us? You may hear something like a soft giggle as the wind whistles around our stems and our petals, sending us dancing merrily in the breeze. We are happy knowing that we bring happiness and smiles to those who look upon us. Learn from us, we enjoy the simple things: the warmth of the sun, the fresh morning breeze, a chilly spring rain and the company of others in our garden.

Listen for our song, it will warm your heart and bring you a sense of groundedness and peace. We sing to other plants to wake up and stretch their limbs, the sun is warm, time to wake up from your winter sleep. Animals rejoice at the first signs of our petals pushing through the ground, the harsh winter is over, the season of abundance is upon us! Wake up everyone, come out and play! The chilly spring weather will wake you up, refresh you and renew your sense of hope! Warmer days are ahead…

Spoken Channel

Linda Trust

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