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Do not forget, via Shanti

We are here

We are letting you know

There is nothing more you need to do

You are BEing and trusting


Open your heart

and receiving

as we are giving to you

as you will receive from others

and you will give

to others

who shall be placed before you.

We see you

and we are very happy

with your growth

and your works.

Know you are in service.

Maintain your higher wisdom

even as others bring you down

in their ignorance.

You are HIGHER

you know more

be bigger

lift them up!

That is your job:

to be bigger

to be wiser

to bring forth

pure LOVE


—no judgement.

You are HOLDING this wisdom in your clarity

in your connection with divinity.

In your beautiful anchor

you are firmly established.

Do not forget

Do not doubt

Be still and know that you are That

you are That

That you are


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