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"Group Message" channeled by Anna Bemis

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

And, yes, you call to us and call to us, and we hear you; and yet, we ask you what is it that you have truly come for? Have you come to ask more or merely peak inside for what you see here so draws you. Yet, why do you not truly listen? For we have shown you many things, and we continue to show you… why must you ask the same thing again and again? And we always say to you the same things. With your thoughts you build your bridges and open the doors to be with us and we stand here and wait, wait to be with you always, to help you to bring each and every one of you the peace that is needed at this time. And each of you is here because you have begun to truly see; and we choose to work with all of you as you choose to work with us. As you sit in this circle, look not at who is better than who, it does not matter to us, we are all the same, you are all here to learn and work together at this time. We are all here in this group to be as one for when one grows then we all grow. So, I ask you at this time to help each other, one to one to one to one, work with each other, share your knowledge and your light, do not keep it to yourself. Share freely and we all grow faster. And I say to you come closer. Be not afraid, we have been here together so many times before. We are here to assist all of you, remember to breathe, center and allow- no hesitation; fear does not exist here…simply trust and allow…

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