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"Jared and Jason" by Paul Muryn

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Jared and Jason. Channeled by Paul Muryn.

I sit in the light and the love, the white light of Jesus Christ. Please protect me from all negativity and allow me to receive your messages by asking you.

I ask for an uplifting message to give to the people on the planet, to those who know me, to those around where I live during this time of crisis with the virus. Now I will wait for the message.

Good evening Paul,

The time now that you on Earth are receiving is a time for reflection, is a time for peace, is a time for love. The virus is put upon you and you must learn how to deal with the stress, the pain, and hardships that come with the virus.

Reach inside, reach within, open your heart tell others to open their hearts. Love, compassion, will heal, it will take away the pain, take away the grief.

There will be those on the planet that will die. This is unfortunate, but dying is a part of life, it is part of a cycle that all on your planet must go through. Grief, it is difficult to live with under any normal circumstance. When you have a loved one that dies you will naturally go through a grieving process.

And now, so many are dying quickly without notice, without preparation. This is disturbing the grieving process for you are not only grieving, but you are also trying to comprehend how to deal with the stress of those near you. The stress of the economy, the stress of not knowing.

You and all those that you know must raise your vibrations up to a positive level, to spread love, to spread joy, to spread peace. For in peace there is harmony, and in harmony there is re growth. This will take time.

Spend the time that you are staying indoors, to be creative, to find ways to bring happiness to you and to your friends. Try not to listen continuously to the news, to the negativity as this will only bring you down. Listen to music, listen to comedy, read a good book. Talk to your friends on your social media.

For many years now the social media has overtaken your lives. Constant, non-stop, 24 seven use of a device for your personal gain, for your ego. It is time to use this device to help spread love, spread happiness. A smile on your face will go a long way in helping your fellow man. Talk to your fellow people. Say hello. You must be at a distance, this does not mean that you have to be silent

Sing, if you can sing, bring joy to those around you. Do not forget at this time, especially on your planet, with so many people are entering into holy days. Easter, Palm Sunday, Passover. Do not forget these events, do not put them aside. You may be alone, you may not be with your fellow parishioners your fellow congregation, but you can still enjoy and participate in the services. Do not forsake your faith for fear.

In the energy groups that you have, continue. Not only continue but increase. Increase the love vibration that you send and that they send to you and others. For this love vibration will heal. It will take time, this will not end quickly. But with the love on the planet, the planet will be healed.

Blessings to you and to all those that you know and that you share this with.

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