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"Love From the Universe" via Theresa Citarella

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Love is all around

The Love is all around

Are humans open or closed to receiving it?

Love does not start/stop between human interaction

The love can be received from nature, plants, elements, spirits and those of the unseen world

So if humans do not satisfy the mind’s yearning for love, feel it in other places, it is everywhere

It is in the fabric of the this universe

It is the particles that make up this universe, so vast and divine

The mind has blinders up from this love at times because it questions will it hurt the human

Only if the human has expectations for the kind of love

Release the expectations to the universe and the universe will provide

Release the formulas and the efforting and the trying

And the universe will provide

Channeled by the Inner Voice of Theresa Citarella of

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