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"Nile Magic" by Danielle Sullivan

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Powder keg and a spark

World amiss begins after dark

Reign of many

the time of the kings

Untold fortunes

for those who begin

Nary a worry

Not even a strife

Aligned with the pharaoh

The world becomes right

The flood will subside

Fertile lands always do

Under Geb in the sky

We work with you

Time to unroll

The papyrus and scrolls

For the magic of Egypt

is about to unfold

Heavens and earth collide

as elements unit

Prepare to behold

a wonderful sight

For those who believe

The kings chamber is there

Step into your throne

begin to prepare

Those of the here and now

do not understand

The mystery of the Nile

held in your hand

Journey thru the eye

you shall see

a past life of who

you used to be

Imagine we tell you

Imagine you're there

Smell the Nile

Feel it brush your hair

The air is humid

The ground is clay

A palace is not

for a pharaoh to stay

Step into the Nile

Do so at once

Feel the attunement

we send you

Ask us for more than once

The Nile is the lifeblood

of Egypt of old

Centuries upon Centuries

the truth it holds

--Danielle Sullivan

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