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Channelling from Peter Anthony

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Now is the time to give thanks, honor what has happened and what is happening. You are blessed. Embrace the power of July and August, this time when the Earth, the part in which you reside, is very much alive, fertile. So much is expanding, changing and growing. Imagine that there will be no growing pains. The skins that have been shed fell recently - and quickly and painlessly. Charge forward, go forward with a freedom and happiness. Many of you know your strengths. Know that you are protected.

Also, seek solitude. You are not alone. Seek alone time. Some of you may have to specifically seek and request time to be alone. Many people may be coming to you, to connect. Many will seek you out. Many eyes are on you, enjoy this, enjoy the attention, use the attention. Some people that come into your life will stay, some will stay briefly, all are significant. Remember to express when you are and when you are not available.

The full moon signifies grand endings and such amazing almost immediate new beginnings.

Keep channeling, share with those who will listen, share with those who understand.

Peter Anthony

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