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"Rooted in Time" - By: Renee Charette

What do you see in the image?

" Messages of hope and a new energetic way to experience life" - Alexandra

"Open hearts,feel love embrace love. Shed light to all. Fully loved.There are no mountains that we can not climb. We are ready and so are all of us. Bright light and love to all starseeds." - Denise

"I feel it was an angry fire from the tree - it's blowing out all the crap from this past year that it's been absorbing from the emotions of the earth's inhabitants, good and bad - it's releasing it. The person on the cliff is at peace, patiently waiting on a message from extraterrestrials." - Jodi

"Look into the eyes to journey the soul and true self. We are protected. Look beyond despair for signs of hope (when looking at the figure at the edge of the cliff)" - Lauren

"I am so energies. It feels like reality is cut and dried. The eyes make me want to cry. It feels like the yellow in the left is an opportunity that I let go by me…. I feel energized going up in the base of the tree but I feel sad that i missed the lightening bolt of energy that is passing me by. Ascension energy floats around. There is a beautiful white angel in the top left corner that is guiding of hope" - Julie Ann

"The Growth above and Roots below are holding together the image of time

and space. Look out to the universe and feel the emotion of History. Know the truth of the people. Feel the Family in Spirt. We are walking on the edge Hear the message. You are guided from either above or below... Know your Direction." - Renee

"The right side up image - Look at things differently. Understanding is there when you look and see in a new way. All is changing - not all at once - but slowly and in a managed manner to those that remain secure and grounded within themselves. Know your strength, your roots are deep and strong. Look to the unknown with wonder, delight and excitement." - Peter

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