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The Akasha by Danielle Sullivan

Eye of Horus, Eye of Ra

Look to the heavens remember who you are

Each of us pass, a portal of time

Reincarnate to the world, leave the divine

Memories awaken, they always do

Grasp them and hold them, fleeting they come thru

Remember the time spent here before

Remember the times before the closed the door

We are all given a blue print sent when we come

Forward and backward the time may not be done

Search for the answers of what you seek

The Lords of the records have messages to speak

Search for your records, days of old

Time has no meaning, if you are bold

Follow the pathway and enter a realm

Akashic records is a place to dwell

Time spent in your timeline holds secrets at last

Akashic records hold answers if you should ask

Each of us has a book or a scroll

Documenting your history from days of old

The record holds secrets to things yet to come

destiny not desired could be undone

The Lords are a kinship, for you and for me

Together we document what is to be

--Danielle Sullivan

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