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The Illusion of Separation...Channeled by Sharon Albrecht from "the Council of Souls"

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

A belief in separation is what is at the heart of what you refer to as the Human Condition. It is the illusory state called the Human Realm where souls are given the opportunity to exercise creative intelligence. Originally, it was intended to be a creative game of sorts where the Infinite Intelligence imagined itself outside of itself, purely for the experience of it. It assumed different self expressions or identities to play with the nature of perception. It was intended to be an opportunity to be in creative flow, a live stream so to speak, of the Infinite Intelligence exercising the imagination as a tool for creation.

Over time, the aspect of consciousness having adopted an identity, enjoyed it's creation so much, it became attached to being or defining itself as the individualized identity. This is how consciousness came into being. Awareness became identified with its imagined self expression and began to forget who and what it really is. The Infinite Intelligence began to believe it was something other than it's original essence. The live streaming became mired down with fixed attention on its newly perceived impression of itself and the experience it was having. It developed attachment to this perception and perceived experiences and began to store them inside of itself as what you understand to be " memories." Imprints, that left enough of an impression on the imagined self, it felt compelled to hold on to the imagined experience it appeared to be having. It developed attachments to other individualized aspects and form what you refer to as bonds.

These attachments, compounded with repeated interactions in the game of life became so deeply imbedded, that even after a period of rest (death), the desire for the imagined life experience, would continue from incarnation to incarnation. Souls formed bonds and created groups to continue the imagined experience and the role they were playing in the imagined dream. Through repetition, attachment, and fixed attention, the individualized aspects became less and less aware of their original nature and evermore attached to being a separate identity. Eventually forgetting who and what it really is. It believed it was the identity it assumed and the imagined dream of life was real. This amnesic state became the experience of the soul living in the human realm. So far removed from its original nature and deeply embedded in the illusion of separation.

However, there is and always has been, an ever present spark of Awareness, perceived as a deep inner knowing of who you really are. It manifests itself as a longing for something more. This is why, as human you are never really at peace. You feel incomplete. You will continue to, until you recover your knowing of who and what you really are; Awareness, an Infinite Intelligence, having a dream you are human. You have never been separate, only mired in the imaginings of a self you believe that you are.

As humanity evolves, it is recovering it's awareness of it's true nature. The next

step in evolution for humanity is full realization of itself as Awareness, an undefinable Presence, appearing to be individualized, awakening from the amnesic state of perceived separation...

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