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Thoughts to Channel (Julie Ann Gadziala's homework to the channeling class and anyone else)

Full Moon Meanderings to Channel

(Relax into your Zen. No disturbances)

Choose some of the prompts below to channel.

Perhaps share with us what you have written...

* The energy of the full moon energizes….

* Releasing what no longer serves me means…

* When I take myself into the moon, what comes through to me is…

* My thoughts are of the full moon, humanity and me….

* Moon Care & Soul Combine to…

* I draw in stream the visions of…

* The new moon places me organically…

* Ground yourself in the energies of the moon soil, moon center, moon pulse, moon vibration… Start here… expand… Write and Draw. Muse and pray.

* The ways I can cleanse in the before and after glow of the full moon are…

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