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"Tunnel in Time" - By: Renee Charette

What do you see in the image?

"I feel on fire. I feel like there is fuel coming out from the bottom right. It’s reminding me that I need more fuel. It feels like the fuel stream is “taking no prisoners”. Like people have to be very selective about what/who they bring with them moving forward. The top part of the image is something that is going to swallow me up perhaps? A cave? It feels full of mystery.. I love the angel in the bottom right. she is reflection of herself at the bas of he cave you can see her head. I feel like i am bathed in bliss when I look at her. There also seems to be white spot of rebirth underneath" - Julie Ann

" Your ascended master meets you at your familiar place from which your portal opens. Learn the secrets of the universe. Symbols and pictures give wisdom to the earthbound." - Lauren

"There are bigger workings happening beyond your comprehension. Time is experienced and understood in ways that can’t be expressed in human language. Everything that has happened continues to happen. We do not mean to imply that history repeats but yes history repeats and the possibility of time travels remains - the possibility to see and understand the past is vital. The options to change and invent the future remains - choose wisely. Friends enjoy being fools on this journey." - Peter

"The upside down image shows me that when we are feeling upside down/off balance, having deep roots in foundation/spirit are the way to balance and support us
" -Alexandra

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