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Valentine's Day Message - Edward

2/14/21 Valentine’s Day

Today is the day for thoughtful recognition of that which is located within, the heart

of all matters, for within the soul of man lies that which forever wonders where and when it shall be received. Harnessed within that structure lie precepts of antiquity, barren reminders of souls lost during upheavals and transient battles fought without reason and assured to fail.

In this light we say to you, behold this light within you for you know not of its glory and stature within man. It eases all ills, replete with those occurrences met with abject failure, and it is in these times we ask you to be prepared for what we see on the horizon.

There may be issues afoot in that it will be difficult to surmount the obstacles presented in light of a nation’s collapse at your feet. We say this too, while those who abhor the trials presented, it behooves them not to continue in the same manner as they have been, for it is seen in these times much gone awry in its conclusions - those who escape with power at their feet, swooping down in the midst of many, calling them to follow the way of demise for them and their family.

In these times adversity prevails, showing all the results of their denial in a system gone bad, where those in charge repeatedly sound the horn of supremacy and light held within. It is necessary for all to see these things with their own eyes and hear with their own ears that which is being said and seen, for in these times are the harbingers of death, destruction and a way out for those who are interested.

We say this to you, in fact, so that you may plant a seed to come to fruition in the days to come. It is apparent that those with interest will see the light and know the solution within which we speak. Yea, know this too, for in times such as these it is imperative to move quietly, unannounced to others who would do you great harm.

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