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We are here, via Shanti

We are here

We love you

We are ready to transmit

Open your heart to receive

It will come to you

You are not alone

We are here

We are always here

We speak to you always

We are loving you

We are loving you always

You are born in the skies

You are born among us

We have not forgotten you

We are with you always

Receive us without fear

You will feel us near

Let it be, let it happen

You will know who you are

You will know yourself from afar

We are not far

Trust us and listen

We are speaking in your ear

We are always near

We are always near

We are always near

Give us your ear

Give us your sound

Always and all around

We are speaking

We are loving

We are filling you

Stand in the waterfall

All will be revealed

You shall know who you are

You shall be who you are

We protect you, you are dear

You shall not know fear

We are here

We are here

Open to receive

Open your heart

Open your ART

Open your ear

You have nothing to fear

It is YOU

We are share

We are share

We are share

We are share

We are share

Recorded via spoken channel by Shanti @

Listen to the energy encoded recording here.

Credits: Background music by Lee Harris.

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