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Meet the Channelers


Sharon Albrecht

Please tell us a bit about you.

I have been in the Alternative Health care field actively since 1981. I began this chapter of my life as a Hypnotherapist, Healer, and Bodyworker. Although I still practice these modalities, my desire to offer the highest level of service led me to integrate the spiritual knowledge I had accrued over the years while searching for a deeper meaning for the purpose of life. I believe the deepest level of healing happens on the level of soul, that as a species we are evolving and beginning to remember who and what we really are. Spiritual beings having a human experience. As a result, my practice has evolved into Intuitive Transfomational Coaching and Spiritual Counseling to assist those of us who are actively engaging in the process of Awakening. I have the privilege of being a channel for a group consciousness referred to as the Council of Souls, whose purpose is to assist humanity in this process. I also, help to clear the congestion of imprints in the subconscious mind, imprints of experience, that inhibit our ability to embody more of our true nature. The presence contained within us all that is the Infinite Intelligence having this human experience.

Why do you channel?

Channeling is not necessarily something I do intentionally. It appears to be an integral part of my sessions with clients. I acknowledge and use this gift when it presents itself during sessions to offer insight and clarity when it is needed. I consider that I am a part of a team and the other members of the team are on another level of consciousness. When I feel directed by these members, I also write down the information I receive as it imparts essential wisdom being offered by The Council of Souls.

Tell us a bit about your channeling.

Channeling occurs during sessions when a deeper understanding is required in regard to a life situation or pattern a client is experiencing. I see an image, hear an explanation, or register a feeling I then convey to my client. Often a transmission occurs in the form of an energetic emination I feel being transferred from spirit through me.

Also, there are times I receive information that is a transmission in the form of a download or an intuitive stream of intelligence during which I will write down the information. The wisdom being imparted is far beyond the level of intelligence of my human self!

What helped you learn to channel?

I believe it was a natural progression or evolution of my awareness.I have always known that I was connected to something beyond my human self. Throughout my life I have had experiences that have supported my connectedness to spirit and higher levels of consciousness. I would hear voices in the same way one hears the mental chatter of the mind that I would find helpful when I most needed it.

What advice do you have for people new to channeling?

To become aware that we are the Infinite Intelligence, the source of all that is, embodying a human identity, experiencing that which we call life.The more aware we become of our true nature, the more we realize how connected we are to everyone and everything. We naturally then begin to understand that our human operating system includes a sixth sense. A sense that when we give it the focus and attention it requires to be highly developed, intuition is as natural as every other sense we take for granted. This is done through cultivating the imagination,  the primary tool through which we access higher levels of consciousness.

How can you be contacted?



Instagram: sharonmeaderalbrecht

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