Meet the Channelers


Theresa Citarella

Please tell us a bit about you.

I am a licensed mental health counselor and registered art therapist, and I am passionate in the field of integrating holistic health care with one’s wellbeing. Channeling has become a big part of my day to day life through my services and my own personal self-care. I have dedicated my journey to creating a stronger mind, body, spirit connection so I can serve my clients and loved ones to the best of my ability. I have been a seeker of truth and light since I can remember. I love to facilitate individuals to gain a deeper connection to their “inner voice or higher self.” Fostering a sense of magic and helping others tap into their inner power brings me great joy. I spend much of my free time with mother earth, communing with all life forms including animals, and dialoguing with my guides, angels, and ETs.

Why do you channel?

I channel to experience a greater depth of life and also because it is super fun. I have always been drawn to the ethereal dimensional realities. Ever since I was a little girl I sensed various energies that were in the nonphysical form such as seeing and feeling angels. I channel to bring greater clarity to myself and for others. I enjoy experiencing a grounded yet expansive feeling in my vibration during a channeling state. I use it as a helpful tool for my holistic healing services too.

Tell us a bit about your channeling.

I began channeling when I was a teenager through automatic writing. Several years later, I transitioned into spoken channeling, but I still enjoy writing. I will sometimes utilize art materials as well for a channeling state. More recently I have helped facilitate others to channel their “inner, wise voice.” Sometimes the voice we hear, a part from the mind, can expand into the voice of guides and other beings from various dimensions. I have opened a gateway to channel Arcturians, who bring many messages of peace. I am open to channeling any being that is of love and light.

What helped you learn to channel?

The book, Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, was a wonderful guide when I first began to channel. I needed to make sense of my experiences of the nonphysical world so channeling became my saving grace. The more I asked the universe for assistance, the more the universe provided. I never felt alone when I listened and heard my guides comforting me. Channeling is now a natural form of expression that is intertwined into the rest of my holistic practices. I enjoy connecting and channeling especially while giving energy sessions or card readings to my clients.

What advice do you have for people new to channeling?

Anyone can channel. One does not have to be a part of an elite club to channel or to connect more deeply with his/her/their spirituality. I believe channeling is the human’s natural state and also serves as a wonderful form of expression. Many times we experience layers of fear or uncertainty as adults, so it is possible to reteach ourselves to tap deeper into our truth. With some practice and openness, it is possible for anyone to hear messages from beyond the mind.

How can you be contacted?

I can be contacted through my website at www.sacred-healing-arts.com through the ‘Contact’ page. I can also be emailed at sacredhealingarts444@gmail.com or found on Instagram @sacred_healingarts.